Mid Weeklies

1. Graffiti and words

Something about graffiti and the persons who like to put up certain words. This one is kind of simple, but still complicated: 'ask'.
You probably had the good old 'just ask' sweet advice in the past and perhaps you kind of ignored that one too because you didn't want to look ignorant. Dutch culture sometimes can be quite blunt and forward into asking things directly and questioning/debating about lots of things.  Other cultures have different values and require a more indirect way of communicating. And sometimes, do you really like to know the answer on your question? Perhaps only the answer that would feel convenient to you?

You see, graffiti can make me a bit philosophical afterall...perhaps the maker intended that...perhaps not. I should ask him/her.

2. Beautiful vintage typewriters

This one looks so beautiful but I'm actually really glad the computers came up so corrections could be made easier and not with that wipe-out device on the machine. And before the wipe-out button on the typing machine, women just had to type over the whole page when they made just one mistake. Wow...perhaps this one would only go into the personal letters

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