Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush Classic in 213 Courtesan

A while ago I reviewed and swatched the Vapour Organic beauty concealer (here). I also bought a swatch of their Courtisan blush for testing and as an organic alternative for the non-organic blushes I have.
Courtesan is described as a "classic rose" on their website. Most people into blush love to go for the pinky corals that are related to the NARS orgasm family (and their many offsprings). I have a preference for rose-coloured blushes: it mimicks my natural flush the most and it looks also flattering as a colour on the lips.

The promise:

 The ingredients:
from naturisimo

Before I discuss the texture and the fact if it will work on both cheeks and lips (didn't want to use rose on my eyes) I will look at the colour first:

Colour sample: a reasonable amount:

When a cosmetic addict fan like me receives something, I often try to link it to another colour that I might have that would be similar.

Initially, I thought it would match closely to NYX doll lipstick and Sephora Nano lipliner in 15 Royal rose: according to the colours on their packaging I suggest they would be close matches

And then again, they are not similar at all: no sibling material. All three part of the rose family but all three such different roses.

I wondered if one of my other cream-cheek blush would be similar. My initial thought was the Lipstick queen (hybrid) colour in Minor Crisis:

(not the best swatch due to the flash)
Lipstick queen is the cooler rose of the two. Vapour Courtesan contains some red that makes it slightly warmer and more red.

  • it is really pigmented for a normal and even for an organic blush.
  • Normally, the hybrid lip/cheek performs a bit lesser on the lips, however, this one brings out a lovely and visible stain with a reasonably creamy base. I spreads quite evenly over the lips
  • for cheeks I advise good blending because it is quite pigmented 

Organic cosmetics have come a long way since they were introduced and lots of brands have jumped to the occasion to go organic. Vapour is a newer and not that widely known as RMS but I think it delivers on creating a good concealer (see post) and a beautiful rosy blush/lip hybrid product. I like the fact that you can carry it around in a thin stick when buying full-size, which is also somewhat more hygienic than a pot.


I bought my sample at naturisimo but they have been OOS for a while. Their full size is only available in Tender at the moment (here) which looks more like a highlighter to me. I think the website is the best bet for both samples and full-size right now

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