Noble Chamomille: Sanoflore and the calming white flower

I've gotten this effective beauty during one of my last visits to Paris. I've visited one of their multipludituded  'Pharmacies' to pick up something from Sanoflore:

I went for the highly acclaimed Aqua Magnifica as well (about that sooner) but I'd love to discuss Chamomille first.

Sanoflore, these days a part of the L'Oreal family, believes that well-done aromatherapy  "are far more concentrated in active molecules than synthetic ingredients" and "respects sensitive skin". In that case, I have already loved the calming Chamomile in Tammy Fender's Roman Chamomile tonic but found the price of her range to be too expensive.

Sanoflore is a perfect cheaper alternative because organic Chamomille is not too difficult to find. However, for the non-French (or Swiss) it might be more difficult to track. I also like Akoma Skincare a lot and they have a pure organic Chamomile water as well (here) for 10% of Tammy's price. And there are the local (organic) healthshops too....

So, what does Chamomile water do and why it's such a bliss during weather changes like Autumn?

"Chamomile water is well known for its ability to soothe dry skin and bring it back into balance. This fragrant water has an antibacterial effect that keeps blemishes at bay while it protects the skin from dry, windy weather.

100% pure, Chamomile water restores a healthy glow to your complexion and is used by some to treat the dark circles that form under the eyes. Applied lightly to the forehead and temples, it has a wonderful calming effect at the end of a stressful day" (Akoma's site

Well, the change from warm to dry & windy is something that sounds Autumn/winter, right? And who doesn't have dark circles they want to diminuish these days?

I will have a whole section on facial waters soon: it's sorta my thing lately...

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