Continuing Therapie: Roques Oneil Restore Aura Spray

I have been on some therapeutic ventures since receiving my Roques Oneil Discovery set: But, like any good therapist would say...even when things go quite good, you got to continue with the therapy.

This sample size I received in the Discovery box is rather big. I think it is a similar size as the Caudalie Beauty Elixir travel spray. Similar to Caudalie Beauty Elixir, this spray also should be applied after makeup (or after cleansing) or during the day for an aromatic 'perk me up'

source: RoquesoNeil
It has a more wholistic approach compared to the French Caudalie, which, as the name suggest, is targeting for 'Beauty'. Roques Oneil is looking for 'Aura', thus inner-beauty and balance.

But most people realise that the balancing of the inner self will attribute to a happier outer self. And, honestly, the names and approaches might be different but the sprays have a similar effect, containing an aroma that is wonderful for either energising (Caudalie) or soothing (O'neil).

Also, they both target dehydration by hydrating /refreshing the skin by spraying it on.

Nice, I like the liquorice extract for its brightening properties and the rose is delicately present in its scent.

At the time being I prefer this Roques O'Neil spray over the Caudalie. Caudalie has some strong mint in its formula that intitially feels refreshing but I concluded my skin doesn't like it on the long run (and it didn't get more beautiful either). That is just a question of personal taste and the level of sensitivity of your skin. I see Spearmint featured in the Aura Restore mist as well but it doesn't hinder my sensitive skin at all.

I got the Restore Aura mist in the discovery set I bought at Cultbeauty.

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