Mid Weeklies

Almost forgot the mid-weekly quirkies for today...

The Fashionweeks & the makeup behind it...

Ahh, the delightful table of Dolce & Gabanna, I would love to have an extra room that has dressing tables like this (adding Burberry, NARS, Kose Addiction and some other brands to it as well).
But it is funny how the highlight is on clothes with the fashionweeks but the makeup and hair are important to set the mood as well.

I think the makeupartists really have to bring in the heavy goods for this last week, because all the models are tired, overworked and probably hungrier than ever. So I wonder what they will use to prep up their skins for the last weeks. Probably a heavy dose of SKII sheetmasks and a lot of undereye circle erasers.

I know a lot of beauty bloggers have a hidden makeupartist inside of them. However, for those that do...would you really like to work during the fashionweeks? It seems so hectic...

Oh, the Oscars were noteworthy too but I think that one will be covered all over...Especially the fact if the right leg of Miss Jolie was covered with makeup (it probably was, with some shaders and highlighers)...haha, what a weird hype, actually. Let the woman make funny poses, she probably did it on purpose anyway to break the standard posing rules.

PS: Were you inspired by the Academy Awards or the makeup at the fashionweeks?

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