Mid Weeklies

1. Getting Paramaribo!

I think I said during the lust-have post that I would go the lippencil in Mexican Rose first, but then I realised I liked the NARS duo a bit better than yet another product for the lips. Moreover, I am not completely wild about my other lippencil which made me doubt the bright pink colour on the base of the texture.

Anyway, Paramaribo is amazing...I actually love that charteuse yellow colour better than the darker Olive toned hue because it is quite original in my stash. It works well with my colour of eyes and is bright enough to make a statement. And I really like NARS eyeshadow's texture for my eyes, a lot.

2. Sleepy lounger

I added this delightfully dozing cat for cute's sake. I love cats although they can really have a mind of their own.

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