Italians don't Fake: Collistar: Face Magic Drops (self-tanner)

A while ago I found myself not too satisfied with my collection of selftanners. The ones I have do a good job on my body but I found it not giving me a lasting bronze on my face...

I knew I had to find something else for the face. I tested out a product in the drugstore: Collistar Gocce Magiche Viso Concentrato autoabbronzante effeto ultra-rapido, or in easier (for me) English Face Magic Drops Self-tanning concentrate ultra-rapid effect.
Well, if you were lured to this article by the title you'll guess I do not really associate the classic Italian woman (or man) with self-tanning. I somewhat have the images of some famous Italians in mind:  Anna Della Russo (if she had work done it has been done quite naturally and she's a fan of real tanning), Monica Belluci (so beautiful at 47: if she's done surgery it was a really subtle one) who seems to embrace a more paler colour, Donnatella Versace (obvious work done & I guess real tanning),

Bellucci wearing NO MAKEUP & looking absolutely amazing  for the Elle France April 2009

Della Russo (49): her face shows signs of tanning in her life
Donatella (57): obvious Plastic surgery but the neck is a giveaway for a tanning past (probably her tan too)
(Sorry for the large pictures but as beautybloggers we look beyond the fashionable clothes of these stylish Italians and most of us are concerned with premature ageing as well. I wanted to show you the effect of tanning (Donatella & Anna) compared to frequent sun- protection (Monica B))

I DO believe the younger generation of Italians believe in a high sunscreen and will probably self-tan too, but my image of the 'classic italian' is of true sun-admirers.

So, if an Italian product would fake a tan: it should be
  1. Good and realistic looking
  2. on the darker spectrum
  3.  beautifying
And Collistar Face Magic Drops promise all 3!


  1. Applicator with the liquid:
2. A drop of bronze Magic on a vampire-state inner arm: 
3. Just applied: Slightly dewy and already a believable bronze glow:

4. Spot after 4 hours: a warm bronze that is neither too dark, nor too light.

My experience: 

It stood the boyfriend test! Sometimes  I apply one of my XenTan's on my face, & I get the 'what have you done??? Did you put poo on your face?' remark.  Most girls like to look beautiful and most boyfriends know the girls do stuff to make them prettier, but, like many men,  they do not really wanted to be confronted to them. Ok, there are some men who would go with you and have a dual treatment in a beauty-parlor, but somehow that wouldn't really be my cup-of-tea either.

When I apply my Collistar Magic drops I do get an instant tan (as seen in the swatches) but it's a glowy kind of tan that almost looks like good makeup or, better, a real tan!

The fading is gradual and not blotchy at all: It fades after 3 days (and I scrub & clarisonic a lot so that's why my Xen Tan isn't really holding on to my face).
Most of all, it really feels like a beauty treatment combined with tanning because my face gets a lovely glow during and afterwards.
The scent with application is a floral one with a hint of coconut, almost perfumy, but it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all: It smells rather like a niche perfume.
When developing there was no 'biscuit' fake-tan scent, which, close to your sniffer, is quite good.


Truely, when Italians fake they sure do not let you know about it! This stuff is really a magic bronzer and really wonderful for the face.

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