the Shady Bunch: Burberry Earthy 07 vs Illamasqua Disobey

I do not have lots of shaders in my arsenal. This is because I am quite happy with what I have.

 I also feel that the idea of shading should be a colour as neutral as possible, so the possiblity of colour-tweaking for the best complexion of a specific goal isn't that spectacular as with blush or lipstick.
I have exactly two colours that I find specific shaders. I use a darker foundation or powder sometimes for the occasional shading that I do, but these are the shady bunch.

Swatches, thinly applied:

left: Burberry Earthy 07: Right: Illamasqua Disobey

A hugantic picture of my lovely arm to show you the slight difference of Burberry Earthy (left) & Ilamasqua Disobey(right).

Two major differences:
  • colour: Burberry Earthy is a neutral to warm, brownish tint. Illamasqua Disobey is a brownish colour verging to the mauve spectrum, so slightly cooler
  • glow: Illamasqua Earthy has a hint of glow in it, which makes it optional to use it as a really neutral blush as well. Illamasqua Disobey is quite matte. 

Two trusty shaders that are slightly different in colour and glow but not too different that you would see major difference if I would apply one on each side. I reach for the Burberry the most because of the glow and the effortless texture for daily life.

To decide what works for you is something that differs for the occassion: I think Burberry works a bit better for real life and Illamasqua's matteness will look perfect on pictures. Also, Illamasqua is easier to apply slightly thicker, which will look better on some pictures too (my makeup always looks non-existant on pictures so I always layer up a bit more to actually have a 'natural' makeup-look)

 If you want to see a thicker application of Illamasqua Disobey, you could visit Karlasugar.

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