By Killian Beyond Love Travelset

It was one of those days I kept that lingering feeling of desiring a wishlist perfume:  I was looking for By Killian's Love and Tears, but asked the SA for a recommendation based on my instant personality/looks/etc, and he said Beyond Love would fit me.

At first sniff I found it remarkably innocent and with a lot of powdery white flowers. I let it linger on my wrist and went away, questioning if I really looked that innocent and 'white flower' woman towards the salesman. It really reminded me of my mother's Nina Ricci Coeur Joie (white bottle).
But never judge a perfume on first sniff!!!

I noticed that as well when the perfume developed: the innocence of the white flowers was replaced by something naughtier, something more carnal. That alos makes sense when you look at the perfume ingredients: heady elements such as Jasmine, Tuberose, Coconut and Amber are not the most innocent in the team:

Luckyscents gets the description totally right, so I will let my feeble perfumista-describing-attempts to their professionalism:
the "catnip for humans" description totally got me!
They have 3 sorts of fragance types: masculine/unisex or feminine based. Hurray, the SA counted me into the feminine team (fragance-wise)

I basically went back for this fragance juxtaposition after a couple of weeks and enough spared points on my storecard:
"Perfume should be the essential in the excessive" Killian Hennessy
 Opening the travel set box is an extension of the decadent idea of buying By Killian perfume:

The travel-set holder is a sturdy type of carved material: not too heavy to tote around and a bit smaller than my Burberry lipstick. It feels absolutely beautiful to hold that black bottle in my hand and spritz it...

The day I bought the set I felt not too confident about love and about myself. I think I whined too much against the salesman when he explained the different fragances for their possible romantic/seductive purposes that I probably would not have a date in the next three years so the fragance should absolutely not be for dating/seducing purposes.
I think he took pity in me, and spoiled mewith six! generous sized samples of the Oeuvre Noir line: I got two vials of Love and Tears (my initial infatuation), another two of Prelude to Love (he probably assumes my dating chances are higher and on shorter notice than I do) and another two of Liaisons Dangereuses (he must think I have hidden seductive powers afterall? Or will need the help of the perfume if I would?)

But incredibly generous of the SA!

The official descriptions of the vials:

I bought mine at the Bijenkorf Rotterdam at the Skins department. Dutch people can visit their nearest Skins shop or online. Obviously, it is sold at Luckyscents (got to give them some credit after nicking their description). When you have the perfume mister, you can refill the mister with the same fragance after it's finished, or try another of By Killian's line. The travel set without the mister is about €45.

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