Claus Porto Soap Orange Amber 'Lelite', or, the OldFashionedly Soapy Clean

 I kind of stumbled upon this soap browsing in a Dutch Niche cosmetics store without really looking for it. I bought it because I felt like trying something retro that has worked for so many years. Honestly, solid soaps often have less chemical additives than their fluid counterparts.

 The niche-ness and the fragance won me over as well. Claus Porto Soap, or Sabonete Aromatica, is  "hand-made and triple-milled in Portugal, in the same manner of production for over 100 years. The "Aromatic composition", as seen above, is composed in France.

Nice to bunnies and other non-human creatures:

Enriched with shea and cocoa butter for an extra creamy lather to soften your skin as you wash". The Soapbar describes it as a "tangy smell of Sicilian oranges combined with the intensely sensual scent of amber makes this soap an incredible bath or shower experience".

I do not pick up on the amber, but the zesty orange blossoms is strongly present and that makes it a delight. It lingers for some time too: both on the body as in the shower.

On the softening properties: uhm, it's not ultra softening as some etailer-companies will have or some liquid soaps, but I do not think it dries out the skin. The lather is really oldschool and it's fun to use this for a change.

Grips on the backside to hold the soap more easily:


I really like this soap a lot and it smells fantastic if you enjoy Orange blossoms a lot (I do). It's wonderful for that retro feeling and getting that clean experience. Somewhat not too convenient is the way you have to dry the soap on a plate afterwards, but it looks beautiful and retro and it looks pretty displayed as well.

Available outside the Netherlands at and in the Netherlands this particular scent is probably only available in the brick-and-mortar Skins Cosmetics. Other scents/compositions are still available at their webshop.

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