Kanebo Kate Cream in Rouge Lipgloss PK-1

In my last Japanese cosmetic-haul I ordered the Kanebo Kate Cream in Rouge in PK-1. I was fully under the impression this would be another launch of a creamy/liquidy cheek-colour various Japanese brands have come forward to lately.

It was also the nozzle that gave me this impression: I haven't seen Kate doing this type of squeeze nozzles for lipglosses, so my impression was that I could get cheeky with another colour.

And I basically didn't get out the google translate function, nor did I get the dictionary of Mandarin Chinese out.

Out of the packaging the tube doesn't really suggest otherwise:
Anyway, the purpose of the contant came clear (or opaque in this case) when I squeezed out a sort of sticky blob of neutral/cool pink:

I hardly wear lipglosses these days. I still use them every now and then to give my lipstick some dimension, only not the stickier, opaque ones as those often need to be used without a lipstick.

Let me give out a more neutral review/verdict for the lipgloss-interested:

As you can see with the swatches above, the initial 'blob' is quite opaque in that sweet pink that a variety of girls/women like. If you get it sheered out in the swatch next to it it still leaves out a sweeter pink colour that DOES change the colour of your lips. My normal colouring of my lips is rather flushed, and this one brings out that paler look with that poutier effect. Thus, it is medium opacity on the lipgloss scale. 

It has some mintiness inside that feels really refreshing on pre-winter lips. The gloss is the sticky variety. Think MAC clear lipgloss.


Due to its thicker texture it last about an hour longer on me than the average lipgloss. Still, that would be about 2 or 3 hours, depending if you consume anything.

Pricewise, Kanebo Kate almost always delivers fantastic quality for the price and this one is another example. Fantastic lipgloss for the fans and I if I knew it was a lipgloss I had gotten it in a darker colour. I think I will mix some MAC or other pigment in it to make it less pink and slightly darker.


I bought it on Adambeauty.com (here) for HK $ 75 or $11 at the current rate.

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