Eye por Pai: Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Anti-ageing Eye cream

Winter eyes need different kind of care.
I was attended on my frailer state of eye-skin after a visit in one of my fave niche skin/perfume shops in Holland. I didn't go for eyecare but after the saleslady asked me for my preference of samples, she asked me several times if I really used an eyecream.

I did, but those remarks and the skin around my eyes in the mirror did seem quite dehydrated for sure.

I eventually went for a brand not available in the Netherlands (yet) based on a GWP and some good reviews. It helps that it's an organic brand, and I've been trying some other samples from them and liked them a lot.
When you take the bottle, the first thing you notice that it's small and thin. It looks like one of those lipstick/balm pencils that NARS has.

Generally, 10 ml is not that much, but the hygienic pump-system hands out the right amount of micro doses that is enough to cover around both eyes.

Pai Echium eyecream: rich, but absorbs easily
I really prefer these kind of sizes as I love to travel as the liquid goods rules only limits you to a certain amount of producs on airplanes.  Bulky jars, even though made of pretty glass, can be unhandy in that plastic satchel carrying around and these sizes are easy to put in. Sample satchets aren't always handy either: sometimes I don't use all the product inside but leaving them opened might get you that *cream/liquid/ect-in-your-plastic-satchel*-effect...bleeeeerg.

I took my Pai Echium on my last long-distant trip and I loved applying in generously and tapping it in for a while. These rituals can be soothing being in a place that is not that normal (to me, some people travel so much for their jobs)

Thus, the verdict:
  • a rich, winter-proof eyecream that absorbs quickly
  • both suitable for day & nighttime (on semi-mature skin)
  • fragance free
  • instant relief in dryness after application
  • perfect for travel
  • more rested appearance around eyes in the morning (after sleep)
  • I do not have that many dark circles, so I cannot report on how it works in that field
  • perfect doses of product after one pump for both eyes
  • one bottle lasted me almost 2 months, with frequent application in a dryer, colder winter
  • Last time I visited the niche/cosmetic shop, that same saleswoman didn't say anything about my eyes anymore (not that I had other cosmetics concerns, eg. hair, but that one was covered)
  • mid-price range for about £21.60. 

I really like this eyecream. The only reason I haven't repurchased it yet is because I'm still curious about the Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina eyecream that I have stocked up on, and had really high ratings in the beautybible tests.

I bought mine on naturisimo.com (here) but it's also available on feelunique.com. Naturisimo is cheaper, though, and you have the choice between 5 samples of a generous range of products (here).
Thanks to a commenter: If you buy from their website www.paiskincare.com and spend more than £20, use the code GTG on checkout and you get a free full size Echium Eye Cream until February 4th.

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