Phylia [de M.] Connect

Sometimes you get that moment that you actually hope that a new product is not going to work: actually, you have spend money on it, so you really hope it is going to work...unless it's quite the cash and you are actually like: "ehm, if it is going to work it will get expensive in the longer run".

Enter Phylia [de M.] Connect...
It's main goal is to create thicker & healthier hair: that's my goal too. I have been suffering from some temporary hairloss: it is not the complete version of aloclepedia, but one side of my head has gotten a bit balder. Also, my healthy ends gotten really strawlike lately for some unknown reason: I didn't dyed it; I haven't changed regions (so no change of water hardness) and I get the total spectrum of vitamins, and even more so. Also, I pamper my hair with some high-end goodies so that isn't the case.

So when all doesn't work that well, then this sounds really good:

 Based on Fulvic acid, the "newest and bestest wonderpotion" on the market lately...(not anyone's quote but my daftest interpretation of the overwhelming-proof-of-scientific-tests-being-done)

The conclusion for now is that it has given me enough effect to buy a second bottle.

I actually do not have *BEFORE* and *AFTER* hair to show and I kinda wish I had. On the other hand, my *Before* hair was quite horrible and my *After* hair is not-so-good...that is a slight improvement on the scale of bad-hairness but still enough not to 'flaunt' it online in a close up. (edit: made the picture and will show the difference *hopefully* after I finished bottle 2).

The "think of your hair as a plant"-philosophy of trichonomy:
(uhoh, I'm not really a plant-person)
I hope to go from my current state of not-so-good to BETTER. Even getting hopes up to reach the GOOD stage! (but I won't press it for the time being).

If you like to read some more on Phylia de M and their main wonder ingredient Fulvic acid, go to to see what it is about, and also a ton of information to be found over here, here  and some on this site. I might feature some of it when I finished this bottle.

I had a code for a surprise gift from the site I bought it from. It is a wonderful Goat Milk soap:

It's a nice gift: I used to buy various goat milks from (American) etailers and I recognize the soft & soothing properties when using it.

Phylia [de M.] Connect is available for a whopping £45.00 on and if you click via beautybible you will get 5% off.

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