Using... Used... Gonna Use

One of my beauty resolutions is actually using up's going all right. 

I will start off with the Using category:
  • Using: Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment 
     Marketed as both a serum for 5 days a week or as a mask which has some potent Lactic Acid for that bit of exfoliating

    Right now I find it a bit strong (read: stingy) for my delicate skin. I think I will alternate it and use it as a mask.

    Talking about masks?
    • Used: Glamglow mud mask (sample)
    Although I love my sheetmasks, I really like the deep cleansing effect I will get from a mudmask. I have tried a variety from BeautyDIY Glacier Ice mudmask to Fango's various types, and I especially love them in summer when I pile up the sunscreen.

    Glamglow has been marketed as the "Hollywood Mask" and the name already suggest "Glamour".

    I really liked using you can see from that picture above, it's that mudmasky green colour that would make Kermit envious. Also, it has some grains in it that become effective when you rinse off the mask in scrubbing motions.

    Is it more fabulous than my other mudmasks? Not really, but I already have a really good stash. The Borghese Mudmasks each target a different aim, eg whitening or cleansing and are really effective for each cause. The Beauty DIY Glacier Mud is also so gorgeous as you only need a thin layer and it dries so fast. Moreover, Glacier Mud has a variety of minerals that really have an effect on the skin, besides the wonderful cleansing effect.
    in the Clay department: Borgese & BeautyDIY
    Still, I like it and it gets a 2-in-one action by cleansing(tingling) and scrubbing.
    • Gonna Use: My gmarket diary
    Wow, I purchased this one 1 1/2 year ago when I still was quite attached to Gmarket. I ordered a couple of their agendas then (eg this Alice in Wonderland) and forgot about this one untill I found it again. 

    Most of Gmarket (Korean) agendas do not have fixed dates but only days of the week, so you can start and finish your agenda whenever you want.

    Moreover, don't you think the "Plans of the Week" are cute? I am going to schedule in "Falling in Love" & "Beautiful Travel" soon.

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