L'óreal Serie Nature Abondance de Cacao shampoo

I don't think shampoos are the most exiting things to review on beauty blogs, but I still like to have a look at a recent [LIKE] of mine .

My last L'óreal Serie Nature mini-review was not too positive, however,  I am mostly content about their products: They are effective for the aim you use them without using too many chemical enhancers (read about their guiding principles here). Not that L'Oreal Serie Nature is the most organic brand ever, au contraire, but they are often soft enough for my sensitive scalp.

L'Oreal Nature Abondance de Cacao
*Abondance* means abundance or overflow in french. Shortly, they promote an abundance of cacao and most girls like their chocolate (and not getting fat) which brings in a fantastic concept. But Cacao is not only that delightful thing that soothes the soul and palates: it also can be used to create volume in finer hair. Hence we feed the hair chocolate so the hair can get fat voluptious!

That is something I need.

I have been discussing my recent lack of volume (here) and I believe a gentle, non-SLS shampoo is the first step into reconstructing the hair. And not just that: A shampoo without SLS, parabens or other chemical elements is better when the skin around the hair is eczematic or has other sensitivities. People often forget about this, but notice their skin flares up after showering: well, that could be it, that your shampoo (conditioner) is too harsh for you.

chocolaty liquid: No worries, it rinses out
I actually have some scalp sensitivity during winter weather. This shampoo is easily tolerated and I feel it does not irritate or aggraviate my sensitivities.

Then the chocolate element. How does it smell? Wow, it is quite a wonderful and cacao-y scent that reminds me slightly of a mixture of cacao butter with some warm chocolate mixed through it.

The volume aspect? Ok, I have difficult hair so I see a tiny bit of result, but no shampoo has had that amazing effect on me yet. Ok, some of the volumising shampoos have some effect but leave hair really crispy dry or fluffy unmanagable and this one keeps everything soft but slightly more bouffant [=volumized].

I love this in conjuction with the L'óreal Nature Abondance de Cacao hairmask which has the same delicious scent and is really good at taming down frizzies and moisturizing dryness.

A delicious fraganced shampoo that is really gentle for hair, scalp and surrounding skin. It has a bit of volumizing effect but I actually like it for it's smoothing (frizz) qualities. Best thing of L'Oreal Nature lines is that they are almost as cheap as most drugstore line, only made with higher quality ingredients made for the expertise of hairdressers.

It's on lookfantastic.com (here) and Dutch people can get it over here. Also in hairsaloons that sell this range (see lorealprofessionel.com)

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