Tom Ford Lipsticks & Private Blend Perfumes in Holland

Beauty-fans in Holland can finally see/swatch/buy their Tom Ford lippies:

..test t nailpolishes and sniff the perfumes too.

This line has been installed in the Bijenkorf Amsterdam since December the 4th.  I was really surprised stumbling upon it as I had no idea.

I already ventured on Tom Ford on a London visit of 1 1/2 year ago: bottom-right, my beloved Violet Fatale 17! Lipstick-lovers would shout "blasphemy" for having rudely cut-off the top, however, it was in the sake of decanting for travel. I couldn't risk loosing the whole Ford: it could be ordered online but the shipping fee would make it a decadence beyond its already exuberant pricetag.

Speaking of pricetag: the Bijenkorf's cardholders will get a discount of 10%, making it still worthy to throw away the receipt for the Significant Other*, who-already-thinks-another-lipstick-is-unneccesary-because-you-already-earned-his-love (?)...Or perhaps he wants to buy his lady that perfectly decadent lipstick because he loves her (hint hint!). *Also applicable on family and friends...

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