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Kose by Addiction Spring 14 Eivissa Dream...

In contrast to the innocence of Jill Stuart Beauty, Addiction by Kose choses a hedonistic theme: Ibiza. I'm slightly dissapointed that there are only powder blushes around, not anything stick or *gasp*...the liquid. But I like look no. 1 "Dizzy Love".

If you go to Kose Addiction site you will launch into a drum-infused video of a bleachy-blonde model being made up (she's famous but I have no clue who she is...any readers?).
In a way, not that Ibiza-promotive: the repetitive application of either lipgloss or lipstick, but look 1 is a fresh, beachy neutral that I like, especially the eyes. Look no 2 is a bit too muddy IMO.

The eyeshadows might be a bit too tame or neutral to some but I really like Kose Addiction's quality. Also, these colours seem to look stellar on greenish eyes and will be glowy and radiant on various eyecolours

I think I will go for "Meeting at Dome" (=meet me at Dawn?) first: a delightful & glowy taupe.

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