Resolution '14: Superfoods with Nourish Revital-Eye Kale Biomimetic Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Sooo, what's in a name again? 

Nourish is amping up the big names, formulas & even the superfoods for its latest eyecream. 
Or is it that intelligence lies in the eye of the beholder? But if you want to judge a book at its cover the box definitely gets a (pseudo?)intellectual one: photo NourishRevitalEyeswithKale.jpg
I still know some mimesis theories from social the idea of Biomimesis? Mmmm, the skin around my eyes will imitate a gorgeous dewy rosepetal leaf??
But the thing that got me into the eyecream this time was health, not intelligence: Kale, one of the hyped superfoods of our how would this perform in an eyecream?
See, my Nourish contains Kale???
 Da Promise:
"Visibly reduces lines and dark circles for a brighter, rested look"

 What's really inside:
Kale [Brassica olerecea leaf extract] is ingredient no 2 on the list, which means it is quite potent.

Source & more info on ingredients here
  • The promise of 'visibly lightening dark circles' is true to an extend. I switched to Estelle & Child for a night and I found myself to me 'more shadowy' the next morning.
  • The bottle really looks like my older love Pai Echium & Argan (see here)
  • Softening Laughter-lines: the area around my eyes look more relaxed & less crepe-y
  • I feel a slight tightening feeling after 1 minute
  • Scent: neutral
  • Diminishing wrinkles: I pat the extra lotion around my lips & the lines there seem soften too
  • Diminishing puffiness: somewhat. Generally a cold chamille teabag works more effectively after really late nights (or emotional events) but it de-slackens when having normal activities/emotions.
  • Nourish Revital-Eye is lotion-like, compared to Pai Echium slightly thicker texture
  • Pricerange: mid£29.50 for 10 ml is relatively expensive, but the thin lotion means you use little for a larger area
An intellectual health-boost for the eyes that makes them appear younger & fresher.

On Naturisimo, BeingContent &  their own Nourish-site ofcourse

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