Flower to the People: Mad Hippy Antioxidant Facial Oil

This one got me by it's name. I just really like original hippies. I could never be a real one myself and due to my previous deodorant adventure into organics, my armpits neither, but I kinda love them. 

I think it involves a certain level of healthy madness to be a real hippy en pleine forme. I'm not talking about the Bohemian crowd visiting Ibiza, Goa, Tulum, etc who have floaty dresses, yoga the shizzle out of their body, but would scream day & night if you would take away their mobile: that's some nice faux-hippiness. Nothing wrong with that as I like to get regular showers too and don't take me away from my materialist amount of facecare either.
boxed and beflowered
Facecare and materialism: hence another faceoil from a label that seems to be doing face-oils before it gotten too popular. Also, it's still has a white, flowery label which is something different from the darker labels lately.

What differs from Mad Hippy is that it's on the cheaper side, hence real-hippy affordable. It aims to be anti-oxidant and has Camu Camu as it's *wonder* ingredient: It's packed with 30x more vitamin C than an orange.

 Now I love fancy ingredients, especially from Rainforest areas. However, I'm somewhat aware that the carbon footprint of shipping out exotic ingredients around the world is not that environmentally friendly. Not that I'm such a saint, because I'm kinda glad this oil is infused with such gorgeously potent ingredients:
Argan oil (argania spinosa), pomegranate seed oil (punica granatum), sunflower seed oil (helianthus annuus), cranberry fruit extract (vaccinium macrocarpon), pomegranate extract (punica granatum), blueberry extract (vaccinium angustifolium), strawberry fruit extract (fragaria vesca), kiwi extract (actinidia chinensis), watermelon fruit extract (citrullus vulgaris), grape seed extract (vitis vinifera), raspberry seed extract (rubus idaeus), camu camu fruit extract (myrciaria dubia), acai fruit extract (euterpe oleracea), goji extract (lycium barbarum), sea buckthorn berry extract (hippophae rhamnoides), hemp seed extract (cannabis sativa), broccoli extract (brassica oleracea italica), sweet orange oil (citrus sinensis), vitamin E (tocopherol). 

It almost sounds like my morning smoothie.

And indeed, "More Actives, More Results":

Right now I like this blend of oils. Springtime is the perfect time to boost your skin to life. Antioxidants are excellent for recovering the skin from the stronger sunrays of late spring/beginning summer. It's a thicker oil so I prefer it for nighttime. It smells like a fruity smoothie with a hint of real Argan oil scent. People knowing their real argan that it's a bit herbally strong, almost like a certain form of meat. But it's only faintly present. I'm glad they used the unfiltered argan, as it's often more potent than the filtered versions (cough Josie Maran).

Most of all, the price: it's a mere $19.99 for a good amount of 30 ml.

Now If I just find some good organic deodorant and cycle to Spain for holidays....

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