Cosmetically related: beauty-ful cases

Lately I have been toting around my cosmetics in the side pocket of my bag. It actually makes little sense to have a beautiful set of cosmetic products for on the road and decide to randomly tug them in the side pocket. So I am eyeing up a couple of beauty-ful cases to give my beauty-lovelies a better way of travelling

A lovely and springlike classic floral from Diane von Furstenberg:
This one is from Anya Hindmarch and is in a lovely peach with some fringy sides:
Something cute with pink poodles:

Or this one in Paisley:

Or, the one I am really lusting about (although I would store my cosmetics in another bag inside because I wouldn't dare to tarnish it's inside: Miu Miu Matelasse clutch

Anything pretty you stumbled upon lately?

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