Edward Bess bronzer in Daydream (older version)

A while ago I reported that I had spotted Edward Bess on strawberrynet. It took me some time before I decided to order something myself, because, well...it's is not that I exactly needed a new bronzer....(somewhat a euphenism, I've got quite some, see here)

hey, the package comes from Sweden???
Curiosity and good raves got me into ordering the Edward Bess Daydream bronzer. I love my regular cosmetic-pusher site Zuneta really a lot, but the total discount on the bronzer would be about 10 euros cheaper on strawberry and I would get the older version. Various bloggers had already blogged that the older version was better than the newer, so strawberrynet it became.
wow, such cute present packaging

The packaging and case is signature Bess in a smooth black shape that isn´t a fingerprint magnet.

The bronzer has a sleeve and a mirror inside
The colour itself is a lighter brown with a slight orangy undertone. 

tiny flecks in the pan
That exact slight orangeness was the reason I have waited for a year before ordering it. Last year I was able to buy a beautiful and incredibly believable bronzer from Lunasol. I really wasn´t sure that the Edward Bess would be anything better

Lunasol Natural Beige 01 | Edward Bess Daydream
Comparing the two compacts I found that the darkest (right shade of the Lunasol would have similar colourdept to the Edward Bess. So I compared the two.

(If you want a more detailed review on the Lunasol Shading Cheeks in Natural Beige, click here)

  • Lunasol is a cooler brown than Edward Bess Daydream. 
  • They both have similar lustre that gives the face a glow when applied
  • Lunasol is more difficult to apply. That is because of the tiny strip on the right. Also, you have to swirl the brush a bit more to pick up pigment compared to the EB Daydream
  • In general I use the whole Lunasol if I am really on the pale side, because the total colour is lighter.
  • For my NC 25 colour I like both the Lunasol right strip and the Edward Bess Daydream. Basically, because the difference in warmth doesn´t really show on my neutral toned face that much. Perhaps for people with the sharpest eye but I can do one half with Edward Bess Daydream and the other with Lunasol Shading Cheeks 01 (right strip) and I don´t think anyone would notice.
  • Prices are somewhat similar with Lunasol retailing for HK 220 or $32 & Edward Bess 30,00 (or cheaper when you get strawberrynetdiscount)

It is such a beautiful bronzer that will work for people with N20 to N35 ish skintones. I think many bloggers raved about its luminosity and I have to share myself among them. If you have the Lunasol Shading Cheeks 01 I don´t think you really have to have the Edward Bess. If you are rather cool-toned, I would recommend Lunasol before Edward Bess, and the opposite for people being really warm-toned. As for the easiness in use, The Edward Bess is slightly buttery and a tiny swirl with the brush will pick up more pigment than the Lunasol Shading Cheeks 01.

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