Kose Esprique Liquid eyebrow pen in BR300

I have been into eyebrow shaping lately because it is one of those tools that can make you appear optically younger. I already bought the quite-reddish based B&C one I reviewed and liked over here but my curiosity spurred a bit further and so I went for the Esprique one as well.

 I love bolder eyebrows and one of my eyebrow icons is Cara Devigne (on the right & the woman of the Burberry advertisement)

I don't know whether I read a sort-of-interview of her in the British Vogue or Elle, but it was British and of this summer season. Anyway, she said she used to be the tomboy of her family whereas her sisters & mum were and still are the frilly & girly ones. You probably have seen her sister Poppy in the spotlights as well (sisters together).

Anyway, I'll disgress and will return to my own eyebrows. Adambeauty had this one listed. So the first thing when I got it was to compare it with the creme-de-la-creme of the beautyblogger's world: Suqqu Liquid eyebrow pen.

As for the swatches:

  • Esprique & Suqqu have similar warmth or actually coolness factor. 
  • Esprique is a lighter cooler brown than Suqqu, and has a hint more green in it (only minimal)
  • B&C (as reviewed before) is the redder and warmer tone.
  • Esprique looks less pigmented on the photo, but that's my lousy swatch for today. It has similar pigmentation level as the B&C
  • Esprique has similar lasting power as the Suqqu
  • B&C is the longest lasting one. Esprique & Suqqu will fade after a shower whereas B&C still has colour left.

Colourwise, I love my new Esprique pen as it looks naturally neutral that matches my eyebrows. The reddish tone of B&C can be quite beautiful as well, but I prefer this one when my hair is slightly more reddish and warmer (eg during autumn).


I bought this one from adambeauty for $20. They come in 3 colours, also in a reddish brown & a slightly darker ash grey.

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