Indian Summer Pinks

Sorry for the lack of updates. The state of Limbo between late summer and pre-fall has left me somewhat uninspired on the beauty front. Skincare-wise I noticed my skin is getting lazier, so I had the clarity of mind to use absolutely nothing for nightcare for a couple of days, and tadaah, when I used my potions again it did a better job: (some) result.

I'm just going to review the pinks (corals) from the Summer-Faves list in more detail.

Introducting in clockwise rotation:
  • NARS Deep Throat:
  • Bobbi Brown Pale Pink: as said, not really pale at all.
  • Shu Uemura Pulse: a limited edition from, I think 2009 (?). Get it returned, Shu!

On superficial inspection you can see Shu Pulse and NARS DT are quite similar. Namewise both  should leave pulses racing, sorry for the lame joke. Both having a powder finish, some golden flecks but really tiny and both between coral pink & pinky coral.

On closer inspection I find Shu Uemura's Pulse to be slightly darker and less poppy: more muted. It has a hint more coral in it, thus the pinky-factor is less obvious.
That's a good thing for me because I give away/swap most pinky blushes for being too pretent-young on my face. I don't like the only-bronze  look either because that can actually age, but too much pink is too dolly for me.

Conclusion: I reach for Shu Uemura Pulse more often, but I like NARS DT on nights out for a more obvious flush.

Bobbi Brown Pale Pink looks like the odd one out being so much more pinkier compared to those two, but it leans towards a cooler rosier hue. I just have to compare it with other swatches soon. I prefer creams on days I have little going on makeupwise. It's an easy all-tasker too for creating a monomatic lip/cheek combination that makes the face look balanced but not too made up.

I will be reaching for my muted rosy tones soon: a review of the Kose Addiction Rose Bar is coming up.

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