Koh Ren Doh MaiFanshi Moisture Foundation 123

The joy of receiving this so-hard-to-get item...

I could have bought this item by the American Barneys, who do international shipping. However, the shipping costs always withheld me from it. Then came that perfect opportinity that a darling girl on Makeupalley offered me a custom purchase. That was total bliss.


It is, relatively, a short list and filled with some good ingredients. I always like to go as natural or organic as possible. Still, vanity stays strong too so it has to deliver as well.

Indeed, they go rather no-nonsense have good ingredients:

On the claim that the foundation will give matte complexion? Ehm, let's go to the swatches later.

The tube is rather small and the lenght of a NARS multiple, slightly larger. After all, it is just 20 mg or 0.71 oz.

Swatch, sunlight .

Swatch, sunlight and slightly blended, not completely.

Colourwise, I am totally happy with this colour. Considering my arm is as tanned as my face is at the moment, it is almost as perfect as a match. Sometimes Asian brands go slightly yellow on my skin, not a problem as it conceals possible redness a bit better, but a complete match is always the best.

Swatch, totally blended, un-foundationed (& whiter) skin below for colour/glow-reference:
As for the matte claim? It is nowhere near matte but that is why I like it, the excellent glow.

  • gorgeous foundation that is more of a tinted moisturizer in its light coverage.
  • I'd say the colour spectrum is neutral, perhaps a tint of warmth.
  • Suitable for N 25-30 skintones
  • GLOW: totally believable as having 9 hours sleep, detoxed for 3 days on fruit-juices, biological food, etc, having 3 yoga guru's on speed-dial (or better, in  one of your extra houses) never smoked, never going out, living in the New-Zealand country-side without any polution or sun-damage...you get the idea.
  • Coverage: I believe it's light but the package says you can layer it for more coverage.
  • Scent: None
  • Irritation-level: None 
  • Price: Yikes! $62 (and my shipping will be $30 something) But I think I'd still stock up and order from Barneys (here) if I cannot get a cp in the future.


Having many good foundations (Lunasol Water Foundation, NARS sheer Foundation, etc) makes any claim I make of finding another good one slightly questionable. However, I never uttered the worlds HG about a foundation yet but this one comes close to it, really close. The only thing is that my skin is quite good now without foundation, so I wonder how this will perform when my skin needs more help.

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