Beauty Start

Happy Hangover's day! 

Funny that the start of the year is a difficult one for most people. I couldn't drink anything yesterday because of some antibiotics I have to take, but I'm seldom a big drinker anyway.

I'm taking some Christmas presents with me to get myself a beauty start in 2013.

Madara Set (Winter Kit)
 I once blogged about a product of them and I wasn't really sold about it (here). Nevertheless, I have gotten a sample of their conditioner and really liked it. 

When I went to the shop for it, they had a representative of Madara who showed me some more and gave me some samples. 

Bottom line: I bought the set above with a discount and already like some of their newer formulated samples I have tested
(For Dutch people find it over here and the rest here)  

They also have this newer line specified on maturing skin. Hehe, the representative told me I wasn't old enough for it so when I told her my age she told me to take it as a compliment.

True, a boring life often shows on your skin...or, what is boring? A bit of extra sunscreen only takes 20 seconds each time but can save you 4 years or more on your face.

And living healthy only makes you feel better in the long run.

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