Xmas Tingies

Some Chrismas presents update and other tingies...

1. My little golden Seahorse:

I love underwater life even though I haven't been diving for ages. When I was 16 I did my Padi course on holidays, and I saw a seahorse for the first time: 


Did you know that seahorses are really feminist? The males are the ones getting pregnant and delivering their babies. 

Some other new babies: 

2. Laura Mercier Eyeliner Set

This year I was quite underwhelmed by most Christmas sets, or perhaps I have bought too many Lunasol and other sets in the years before because I wasn't really tempted.

I went for the Laura Mercier kohlliner's set after seeing some excellent swatches on makeupguru Karen: she tries out a lot so if she likes a kohlliner it must be something. Also, her cat approves...so, in her words "how cool is that?".

Some Used ups
I finally got the cultstatus SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C and finished it. I really like it for it's neutral value and I think I'll repurchase.
Phytospecific Night cream for hair: Meh...

Japanese Liese Hairdesigning jelly in I: I actually like this for keeping my do less frizzy. My hair is straight but with some broken strands that can frizz up during winter. This one tames them a bit.
Madara Deep Moisture cream: Yummy for daytime in winter and not that greasy-feeling for a Deep Moisture cream, quite light. Perhaps a repurchase too but I'll try the products in the winter set first.

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