Mineralize Me

"Puuurty mineral colours" 

A couple of years ago I experimented a lot with mineral makeup and ordered heaps and heaps from their etailers.  I still have loads I have sampled quite orderly (colourwise) in maps and toolboxes, but I really wanted to order some again.

Meowcosmetics has always been a favourite of me as they make one of the better bronzers I have come across (Sunsplashers).
Meowcosmetics Sunsplasher
I ordered a small jar of that one again and sampled some of their "End of Days" collection...That was limited edition: either the world would end or the collection would stop...we all know it's been the last one.

 Some greens of the various Christmas lines:

And some purples with some blushes from the Sugarplum collection:
(I will swatch them soon)
Phyrra has some awesome swatches (here) and is quite specialised in mineral makeup and I've seen DrivellerKate experimenting with Fyrinae mineral makeup and liking it (here).
Mineral makeup eyeshadows can be quite stunning and often samples are quite cheap, eg Meowcosmetic being $1, which makes it fun to experiment. I am unbiased when it comes to mineral makeup etailers so I'd say to read the specialised blogs on it and ordering some samples yourself to find what you like. 

Slight remark: they are not for the really messy types or, the opposite, the A-type personalities that need really clean sorts of pressed palettes.  

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