Newbie! Le Metier de Béauté Kaleidoscope in Bauhaus

Le Métier de Béauté is my latest explore-brand. So far I've tried the lipstick (dryish ), the Lipgloss/balm that I showed yesterday (moist & poutilicious), the powder blush (glowy) and the cream blush (velvety)...It wouldn't take long to reach for one of their most raved about products: eyeshadows!

Being totally buy-promiscuous I've ordered the Kaleidoscope in Bauhaus from Zuneta: they are the only one that sells these to the European public so far and had a GWP that turned out to be the cutest Balmshell lipgloss. I often use the beautybiblecode for 10% off (ZBEAUTYBIBLE) which made the total still ridiculously expensive for a set of eyeshadows. Then again, I loved the colour-set and was curious enough.

So if you're curious too about the Bauhaus Kaleidoscope, stay that for a while and I will show you the swatches this week ;-)

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