Palette Swatching Project: Maquillage Alexander Wang BR365

In the category "so many new collections, but what about some of the past?" I'll continue to swatch my precious limited editions for you.

*So I am not going to discuss colours in depth, but more the useful-ness of the palette*
as 'palette-ness' has certain standards of *compatible colours* travel-friendly *nice exterior for showing in public* not-too-messy* etc

Alexander Wang was an upcoming designer when he collaborated with Shiseido Maquillage in 2009. Fastforward to 2013:  Everybody who frequently wants to buy something fashionable knows who this Mr Wang is, as his name has become quite the household name in fashion. Or, that bag with the studs at the bottom.

small letters top-left says "a collaboration with a new talent".

The line consisted of their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and some lipsticks too. In the line of Maquillage the colours are neutrals and this particular Br365 consists of a beautiful collection of taupes, mushroom beige and the red-flecked black eyeliner.

I bought this palette in 2009 more as being incredibly into everything that Maquillage released. Somehow, I forgot to swatch it for the blog, so I am truly late :

In Maquillage's mode, the instructions are in Japanese on the rear of the palette:

Swatches: warm light: 

  • the three on the left are powders of the top row in same order (no 2,3,4)
  • the two on the right (1 & 5) are cream formulas placed in the bottom of the palette
  • the consistency of all powder e/s are buttery and smooth (no dud texture/shade)
  • the creams can be used as either an eyeliner as an eyeliner base
  • The black on the right has reddish flecks in it, quite beautiful (best seen in upper swatch)
  • the cream swatches are good and pigmented.
Swatches in cold daylight:

The palette is really on the go perfect. When I look at Alexander Wang's contemporary designs, they still match his aesthetic of neutral colours with a dash of daring.

All textures are high quality: even that weird white colour that is frequently featured with Japanese e/s palettes. Not that the colour white is weird but often the featured white comes with too much glitter, chalky or hardly any colour-payoff: this is a useful whitish base with a tinge of silver/mushroom beige inside.

As the aesthetics: it's a minimalistic, matte black exterior with a matte & glossy look enhancing the sleek monochomatic M. This totally fits Alexander Wang's fashion aesthetic combined with Maquillage mature feel. Or, perfect for showing off when topping up your eyemakup during the day (not that you would really need it, as the pigmentation and hold of the eyeshadows is really good).

The only complaint about the palette is the messiness:

A palette who has both powder & cream units have the danger of transferring them into each other. This happened to my palette as well.

Still, I have it for 3 years now and it is not that messy yet, so the design and the borders between the separate units are quite good.

Overall, I really like this palette and am glad I found it in my stash again. Why did I forget about it in the first place?

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