Omorovicza, going for Gold and thát GWP

I think I spend the most  on a serum ever...!

Don't get me wrong: I am highly into skincare and the lack of eyeshadows swatched have gone happily to showing off serums, liquidy textures, creams and other dermis-philia/obsessivia!

Only, I tend to stick under a certain price-range that I hesitately crossed over recently.


YES, that is some juicy GWP that gave me the extra push to finally let me buy that Gold serum from Omorovicza. They contained these beeeeaaauuuties:

But I am not that shallow and was also tempted by a 20% off for Dutch shoppers (NL20) and an excellent review on the serum on HolisticGreenBeauty (here).The more famous Cafémakeup reviewed it too, but I only noticed that review when I googled it for this blogpost.

love the fresh packaging of Omorovicza
And there was curiosity again. I've dabbed into silver recently with Argentum Apothecary La Lotion Infinie (here) and I found it time to go for gold.

I have been testing it for almost 3 weeks and I love the soft rose fragance that is barely noticable and perfect for my sensitive skin. A couple of weeks I had to quit using my Casanera Immortelle serum because of sensitivity issues and I believe this serum  has desensitised my skin into a more peaceful state.


I cannot tell anything about the anti-ageing effects: it has just been two weeks but the luminicent quality and miniscule golden flecks inside of the serum already softens the beginning maturity of my skin.

So an expensive serum? Yes, with the 20% discount it set me back €135 instead of their more scaringly  €165 and the Gift with Purchase helped to take that plunge as it has their cultstatus Queen of Hungary toner, thát Copper peel that promises eternal smoothness (ok, exaggerating intensely), a Plumping cream and a mudmask...not that I already have any mudmasks yet but I wonder if this one really lives up to the raves.

Find it on the omorovicza site over here and I believe they have frequent discounts and a signing up discount. Also available on and, and various other etailers.

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