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I've been seeing so many tanning people on the beach lately that I positioned my bottles and empties in a similar horizontal position: (ps: not advocating tanning: wear sunscreen & hat!)

Eh ok, like people you do not see the labels (or who they are) so easily when they lie on their bellies, so: 

Used:               I have been using up a couple of skincare items.

a. The Omorovzica Gold Serum has been finished for more than a month ago: I started using it (see here), replaced it for Aurelia serum for a while (which I finished), and emptied this one too. I have to give the word like to it but it isn't love. I feel it firms my skin a bit, but for its price I consider it to be not the miracle product I think it should be. 

b. Bioderma Micellar Water: I gotten this baby size on one of my trips to Paris. Bioderma has a great cult following and I can see  and notice the easiness of this water. Nevertheless, since organic and natural varieties have stepped up the scene I think I prefer them instead. See also the bottle of my gonna use.

c. Akin Refreshing and Soothing Toner with Orange Blossoms: a lot of people suggest that the use of toners is completely unnecessary in skincare.  I believe in the ritual and aromatic powers of a skincare regime. Also, I love the feeling of removing the last trace of creamy or oily cleanser and preparing the skin in an aromatic way for the next step. This is my 2nd bottle being emptied and I love the orange flower in this baby.

Armani Cosmetics Eyes to Kill in 04 Pulp Fiction: It has been my first Dutch Armani purchase. Not the one from the brick-'n-mortar store I discussed in the previous post, but an online purchase. I've gotten a velvety Rouge d'Armani 400 as a GWP. It's a longlasting red and I haven't been using it a lot: I am not a vivid red lip wearer but it is lovely to have a smaller size of this colour for if I ever want to splash out on a red lip. Or perhaps my friend who loves these type of lipstick is gonna convince me giving it to her (or steal it).
Pulp Fiction is a cult classic and I do not have to discuss why I bought and like it : )

Gonna Use:
My favourite (organic) micellar water from Melvita: Eau Fraiche Micellair. This is my 2nd bottle and I love how it agrees on my 'delightfully'  choosy skin. I could not buy it from my 1st provider because they suddenly did not want to ship it from the UK but I found another webshop who does. (not mentioning names cough, no really not gonna do).

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