Newbies: Dita von Teese for Artdeco 645 & Sasa

I don't have anything specific today but to share my newbies. I've gotta wait patiently and oogle over other blogger's new Autumn releases  and make endless lust-must-love lists before I can finally swatch them over here.

 In the meanwhile,  Dita Von Teese Lipstick for ArtDeco.

My lips have been thinking they are pouty & sultry lately so they want intense colours these days. I've answered to their femme-fatale needs, but still kept it slightly fuschia for the summer factor.

Beautiful metallic case with tiny silver flecks, Dita's face & her signature.

Well, Dita knows something about sultry lips so I was completely confident this lipstick would have some burlesque aura.
It is indeed a velvety, close to matte deep Fuschia that tends to go to the Cherry side. It is high textured, feels delicate on the mouth and has excellent pigmentation.

the benefits of sunblock: I wish I had Dita's flawlessness too

Miss Von Teese knows her lippies...good she knew how to get rid of that weird Gothic dude too.

Haul 2: A smaller haul from

I have a bit of a love-indifference relationship with I love the fact they store so much under good prices, and I love the fact they have these awesome low free shipping deals going on lately.
The indifference comes that they let products dissapear from their website just when you realise you like them enough to reorder.

Good that I am fickle enough to go for something else easily.

Oh, duh, the things I got?
  • Another Sunblock from Kose Suncut UV (Japanese sunblocks are a summer staple). 
  • SK II eyemask: never used them. Curious if they live up to the raves.
  • Suki Blotting sheets. Summer = nosy oils oily noses *needs* blotsheets
  • Kose Naive facewash with Lotus: I still have the Nuxe 3 Micelaire Mousse but this one can stay in my beauty-cabinet until the Nuxe is finished.
ok, that was over $19 so that is it

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