Face Tonic edition *roundup*

Sometimes I get into a certain hype of something, then I buy some (and some more), and then I think "do I have enough?". Answer: "I might have too much".

 Within this edition I bring you floral waters...I gotten into them during the summer, re-introduced by Tammy Fender and her blissfully calming Roman Chamomile Tonic that was a part of her sensitive set. After that I ventured on more types of facial waters within a cheaper range and more variety in the properties of the embedded flower/plant etc. 

Here's a roundup of the ones I have:

1. Erica Rosewater:
 Erica is a Dutch brand that basically brings out simple organic products. It is made of a 100% Bulgarian Rosewater and it costs me under €2. Perhaps there are more bio-dynamical brands out there but for the purity it is simply a wonderful water that calms and is quite rejuvenating for the skin. I mix mine with OrangeBlossom water for a more diverse blend and sometimes I add some MSM powder to get an even effect in calming redness etc.

2. Erica Orange BlossomWater (Neroli)
Similar as the Rosewater only orangeblossom water has different properties and you can read several of the raves/benefits on MUA (here). I adore the scent as it is flowery-citrusy positive scent and it has adstringent qualities which works on the acne-prone parts of my face. It is still mild enough for the dryer parts. 

3.  Sana Hadanomy Mist
I have this one for more than a year and it has been a repurchase. It is supposed to have collagen inside and it is not as natural/organic as my other blends. However, I love the fact it is slightly 'tacky' or better say moisturizing and without scent at all. 

4.   Suti Peppermint Water
I got this one based on rave reviews and the fact that peppermint is known as the ultimate calming plant. Then again, I googled 100% peppermint water later and got cheaper options. I still love Suti and this blend is really refreshing on holidays or as a perk up during flying. I prefer to use the pure blend and not mix it with other waters.

5.  Melvita Eau Fraiche Micellair
Finally a more productive water: a micellair that removes makeup as well. This has also been a repurchase and I prefer it over Nuxe Micellair/Bioderma as it is natural, and effective cleanser and feels really soothing on the skin.

6.   Saniflore Aqua Magnifiqua
My original review is over here. I haven't been using it that much yet because I'm quite attached to my rosewater/neroli/MSM mixture but I still like its effectiveness on pores and congested skin. 

7. Saniflore Noble Chamomile
Original review hereI decanted this in a tinier bottle on my lastest journey, but the passenger next to me was not so enchanted by the calming chamomile than I was. I still like it, but sometimes I prefer peppermint water for a less plant/dirt-like scent.

8. Kora by Miranda Kerr Energising Mist
I bought this one based on curiosity and the fact the model herself looks basically flawless. I am not too fond of the blend: somehow the citrusy note has too much of a herbal essence that I neither find soothing or energising. Also, the mister isn't really distributing the water evenly over the face.
So this is the collection of face tonics that I have right now. So do you like them and what types do you reach for?

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