Kose Addiction Cheek Polish in Tadzio 06

Kose Addiction +  new cheek product + new colours = obsession
That is the simple math for today. I had to buy this new cheek Polish and the only debate was:
1. would I stick to one colour?
2. what colour(s)

I decided to keep it on the modest side and picked one, in a colour that looked like a muted rosy pink online: Tadzio 06

Though I was enticed by the shader-like colour of Chic or the softer pink hue of Swingin':

The idea was that I loved the colour-scheme on the Autumn '13 model/face, who, besides being stunning, wears the type of colours I really crave.

Did you know she can blink really sweet for it in the animated video (besides of the standard 'turned-on'-gaze)
always good marketing: 'extase' face on a pretty model
Anyway, the descriptions are not something I can deciper yet. Perhaps I will go on a Japanese course one day. I'd love to visit Tokyo, for sure:

However, 12 ml is a generous amount of product. Indeed, the bottle reminds me of a Rescue Beauty Nailpolish tube:

And if you'd show this to your hapless boyfriend (male friend/brother): he wouldn't think it was a blush either. Totally nailpolish brush:

Swatch [with flash]
 Initially, I thought the idea of the muted Rosy Pink was more of a bright Rosy pink.

Swatch, unblended (natural daylight):

Swatch: slightly unblended, flash:
The colour is indeed brighter than I anticipated for. On the other hand, it is a colour that I do not have yet and bridges the gap between a poppy pink and a muted rose. Also, the wonderful way to perk up morning (maturing) skin.

Close Up:
So I mentured 'maturing skin' (oh, how we love these euphinism for 'older', right?). The close up shows how wonderfully it blends over imperfect skin. I am absolutely no blending pro and this blending has not been done with sophisticated brushes, just hands.

  • Novelty: wonderful new colours
  • Packaging: matte glass bottle is gorgeous, just a bit unhandy
  • Hygiene: I'd suggest putting it from the brush to a clean spatula to keep it hygienic
  • Pigment-value: incredibly pigmented. Personally, I had to tone it down with a tad of highlighter but excellent for the people who like visible colour
  • Blendablity: really good. Even for the fast or unprecise.
  • Colour: perfect prep-up for tired skin with a neutral/cooler undertone. Also, for people not really liking poppy pinks but still like a dash of freshness.
  • Uniqueness: I'm a blush-o-holic but I haven't thought of a good dupe yet, colour-wise. As for the formula, there are similar products but not that many.
  • Price: mid-to-expensive. About similar price as those new Chanel Le Blush Crèmes, only more value (more product), more original colours & better pigmentation.
I have to be dodgy to say "I'm in love". And if I wasn't, the blush I am wearing could have fooled you. 

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