Rouge d'Armani Sheers: some swatches

Pjew, I am trying to get into the beauty-blogger mode again.

Sometimes I have a beauty-strike when I notice that little helps and people say things like "oh, you are probably low-maintenance on beauty". I'd love to show them my Cosmetic Room that has +200 nailpolishes, at least 150 lipsticks in YLBB shades (not to mention the other hues) and the plethora of sheetmasks I still harbour like Rihanna must harbour her best friend (I love she has the same best friend, Melissa, since highschool).

 And then the moment arrives that I start to miss my groomed eyebrows (even though Clara Devigne-brows are quite the thing now) and I want to groom for myself again. And it's nice when other people notice my like for vanity too: I got this Rouge d'Armani Sheers lipstick sample from the new Armani Counter in Holland. I blogged about it here but only bought something online. However, curiosity and new-groomlike vigour led me to the real counter and I finally bought a blush I have been lusting about for 2 or 3 years (no 6 = ♥)

I got a couple of Armani Sheers to 'try out' and I have been liking its dewy and sheer colours a lot.

Close up: the Pink 500 has that gorgeous magneta tone with a splendid multiflecked quality:


My personal fave is Plum 600. I adore my lips in a wine-stained colour that is on a sheer and glossy side. Plum 600 seems to have all these qualities & feels moisturizing, comfortable and longlasting on my pout.
Pink 500 is a happy, vivid summer colour. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you are not in big chunky glitters, the multiflecked quality is only visible from really close.
Coral 300 is more of an orange, but with my cool reddish undertone of my mouth it turns into a more corally hue.

Ok, so this hasn't been the most review-y or swatch-accurate post in my blogger-history ever, but I am trying to start again and find my enthousiasm again! :-) Right now I love these colours and consistency and I probably will get myself a full-size of the Plum 600.

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