Vintage Rose from YSL craftiness

In this spectrum of "she enabled me again"(not mentioning names but something frivol about it)

I swatched plenty of the Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Pur Couture - Vernis a Levres' Glossy Stain and most of them really had a wonderful effect on my not-too-poutilicious pucker. I adored this one for being vivid enough, but still quite muted for when my eyes want to take the limelight.

Drivel has better swatches of all at the time being (here), and weekendramblings too, but I will edit this post with my own cr*ptastic but romantic swatch and hopefully a good-enough swatch soon.

Actually, the colour of the swatch is quite accurate, only it hasn't been swatched on lips. My lips have a deeper-natural tone: That means this dusky rose will turn out a tad darker than on my ghostly arm. The texture is incredibly long-lasting for a lipgloss/stick hybrid, but I won't venture into reviewing something that has been quite overreviewed.

Besides the blogger-enabling, I also like the promotion picture of YSL Spring 2013 look:
I like the fact the model totally shields of a probably-really-handsome-because- she's-gorgeous-herself,-why-settle-for-anything-less? male model and is like: my hands and makeup/face is more important than his dribbling saliva in my neck...And I'm a makeup fan so I agree with her!

Also, I like when women who aren't that poutilicious promoting a lip-enhancing product. It gives the non-Angelina-Jolie ones a bit of hope it could actually work.

For example, this model is gorgeous too (they are faces for makeup-brands, right?) but she couldn't sell me anything lipplumping because I know she already is so poutilicious.
Weird psychological effect on me, perhaps, and it might work the other way on other women thinking "gosh, if I use that I will get her pout".

Ofcourse, I like Dior Addict gloss and am going to check out these colours because I like new makeup collections, but I will forget the notion that using Dior Addict gloss will bring me close to that type of pout.

But I love her defined yet natural-looking eyebrows so she could sell me a good eyebrow product for sure.

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