Candles got me through this winter...

Ok, that statement is a bit bolder than I needed it to be but I certainly enjoyed some of the ones I have since December.

One of my favourites has been the Cire Trudon Mademoiselle de La Valliere (here in newstate)

And here she is going for the last bit:
This 'Mademoiselle' has been a soft &soothing bunch of flowers that were also 'boyfriend approved'. Not every man is keen on a constant waft of girly superflowers, and I'm not always into the so-called masculine scents of tabac or pinewoods. This was the perfect compromise.

It burned quite well and equally: Ofcourse, I listened to the instructions of the saleswoman to press the wax gently when it has cooled down enough (but not hard yet).

I already have a Cire Trudon follower up: a more zesty, greener and travel-fantasy enabling Abd el Kader, probably their most famous one. 
I have burned it a couple of times, and the keynotes embody that hopeful idea that is connected to the beginning of spring.

And I added a new brand, albeit slightly sensual or dermis-pampering: the Oskia Rose de Mai massage (oil) candle:
Placed in holder that has a teapot-esque spout it offers the opportunity to 'recycle' the warmed wax as a massage oil.

I honestly was not too charmed about the quality of the warm wax substance: It might be fun for 'sensual' moments, but as a skincare product it lacked good absorption and it felt wax-like on skin.

The scent was rather lovely, a purer and soft rose that lingers quietly in the house.

Cire Trudon is getting more popular, hence available at more (r)etailers. In Holland at Skin Cosmetics (in the store) and In the rest of the world at,,, L' and others too and prices start at €60. That is expensive, but the candles are large and will last for a longer period. Moreover, afterwards you will have a beautiful handblown glass that will be gorgeous for storing smaller things in a decorative manner.

Oskia Rose de Mai Massage candle is available on their own site at, but also on (20% discount with code SPRING on everything!) &

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