Deal Alert: Omorovicza GWP

Today's motto = "From one GWP into Another"

Before I'll explain the quote above, I'll let you know that has an incredible GWP when spending £50 or more on Omorovicza.

First, something I really like from my previous GWP from Omorovicza:
The Copper peel has been everything to me what the peel I discussed yesterday hasn't been: fast, gentle, effective, and a breeze for the skin. 

And left my skin representative enough for going to more glam occasions than the IKEA.

So from one GWP into another: I've purchased this peel in full-size and (already) received my new GWP and the full-size peel

This GWP is slightly different than the one from Omorovicza's site earlier:
The night cream & thermal balm wasn't in their other set, so more to experiment with
(and perhaps another GWP from an earlier GWP)
Not promoting Urbanretreat but if you haven't ordered from them before:
Yours sincerely,
 Deal-alert-er Birkie

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