The Quite original BB:

Ok, I'll stop the capital textual yelling but I finally had the opportunity to use one of the original BB creams: the German Blemish Balm from Dr. med. Christine Schrammek: that is quite something now these days the original has been broken down to a zillion of versions that all claim to be BB...

I was introduced to this BB as the follow-up treatment to the same peel under Dr. Schrammek's name: the Green Peel (more info here)
I would like to elaborate of my experience of  this peel, but that would make the post too long. It made my skin a lot smoother in the end. However, the process wasn't easy. Basically, I started their lightest version and it felt like a total blast on my face. Nothing harmful, but my face was rather unrepresentative for a couple of days. That resulted in me going to the Ikea to get drawers and go for DIY activities instead of doing stuff in the open at the weekend.

I still wasn't that ashamed that I skipped the Ikea. People might have thought I had dramatic cosmetic surgery instead of a rather normal peel, but there are mostly housewives in my local Ikea that are looking for inspiration. The weekend have the more trendy and studenty people. Mornings have the old people going for the 1 euro breakfast.
But normally there wouldn't be really eligible bachelors walking in the Ikea that I have to have my face representative (aka on the pretty spectrum) for.

(sorry, still a long story about things beautybloggers couldn't care less about, but we need organising our dramatic bulk of pretty makeup, right?) 

That meant any cover up would come in handy: [Original] BB cream?

The Blemish Balm was almost like the 1st Korean versions (can you remember?). Herbally, greyish and a thick paste:
That makes sense that it would be similar to the 1st Korean types: the Korean BB's were inspired by  the German versions
When you spread it out, it is still a thick, greyish paste: nothing similar that the L'oreal-esque versions on the market these days:
So this one really needs blend blend blending, blend blend blend blending...check mirror, ok going to blend some more.

Result distance:
A calm and equal surface with a hint of grey (to tone down the after-peel redness).

Closer up:
Smooth, tones the redness of my arm, and smoothes down larger pores.

it gets some yellow lights on
  • needs expertise blending
  • finish: takes redness out and smoothes pores
  • really strong herbal scent
  • I was really glad I could stop using it after the mandatory after-peel days: itchiness!
  • the amount of shaders/bronzer/blush that I had to use to look like a human instead of a corpse was tremendous 
  • totally happy when was finally allowed to be using my own arsenal of soothers [here] and [here]
Ugh, doing a peel is one thing but the must-use follow-up regimes are another thing. I have to give it credits for its smoothing, pore-refining and mattifying qualities but it's not for the sensitive [skin]types.

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