L'oreal SuperDust: Cool Girl Hair in-a-Can

"Is it a bird('snest), is it a bee('s hive)
It's SuperDust Hair!"

 L'oreal Professional has a funky-looking version of a volumiser powder in Superhero colours and matchingly called SUPERDUST

If you haven't used any volumizer powder in your hair before, it feels like that Angel's hair you put in your Christmas tree:
It basically looks pretty but it feels like a role of superglue that almost hardened but not yet: and feel your fingertips afterwards.

L'oreal is better than an earlier one I have tried. I cannot remember the name anymore because I steered away from these dusting powders for years as the feel of it felt like the equivalent of someone scratching nails on a blackboard, Brrr:
[POW] Superdust
I caved into having this version for vanity reasons:
wanting good volume in my hair, some grip, coolness:
neither a language that I can understand, nor English
 The list of ingredients is rather simple:

When you shake out some powder, it slightly reminds me of something:

So yeh, I finally figured out what that mystery white powder is of Cara Devigne that had lots of rumours going on...It's just a sample of the Superdust to keep her hair coolgirl grungy:
Yeh right...

How I disgress this time? So how did it perform?
  • quick!: shake some in hair-little bit of tease: POOF, volume
  • Either a Cool(er) girl look or that Haughty Madame when paired with a beehive
  • feels ok: not like angel's hair but still grip-py
  • When it slightly collapes: just crunch with your hands and the height returns
  • It's a hassle to wash it out so use deep-cleansing shampoo, good conditioner otherwise you have weird (irregular) hair afterwards.
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