On the personal 'meh'-list...

There are some products that are loved and hyped all over, and you personally do not 'get it'... 

I have this with 'beachspray'...

My hair is quite 'caucasian'1 and a bit more straight than the average 'wavy' caucasian1. Wherever I see my fellow 'hairsisters' indulge in 'beachspray'/'surfpotion', etc...they become those beachy goddesses and somehow their wavy do's keep some shine.

In my hair it looks like my cat's been playing with it, peed over it aferwards and no wave will enter it whatsoever 
(even curling thongs will be like-> "not working with this potion")

As you can see above, I tried...
I picked the creme de la creme
used about 20%, 
put it in the whole of the hair (#craptastic), 
put it on roots only (#meh & itchy)
it smells like Maui, only the toilet freshener variety (strenght & composition)
 and then I just stared at its blue colour and dreamt of the real Maui...
(->travel fantasy, at least the blue colour does something)

So that happens and somehow I cannot face to bin this bottle...Ok, let's make that blue 'wave' again by just shaking the bottle from left to right?
 1. Caucasian= Whatever that means...lots of variety too

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