Burberry-ed: orangy lips

In my preview I showed some labels that I bought. I was quite curious about the Givenchy matte foundation and I loved the natural-look when testing it.

But I am not up to showing boring useful foundation-swatches today, so I will get red and orangy instead.

I really had a craving to buy something new from the Burberry Spring range. Perhaps because I really need this winter to be over and hoping I can coach spring into the weather when I wear it, or delude my mind into happiness when wearing brighter colours.

Actually, I wanted to go for the Hydrangea Pink blush first, but I need to see it swatched first. Holland is having the Spring '13 colours online (here), but the brick-n-mortar shops haven't been stocked yet.

Lipgloss-wise, I picked a colour I wouldn't normally go for:

Burberry calls this one a Coral, although I wouldn't call it a real coral colour. I think it's a bit goldfish with a slight dusting of gold shell, making it still rather tropical:

I especially went for this one as it looked really unique and plumping in the various swatches I've seen online (example 1, 2). I figured that the warmer glow and golden particles can be a excellent way to warm up and give dimension to my cooler, purplish lipsticks.

The Collistar lipstick actually was a GWP but I really like it a lot. 
Italian creativity with the lipstick? I'm going to wear it frequently now ;)
The colour that comes closest to it, is my Edward Bess Midnight Bloom. Collistar Scarlatto is a micro-shade lighter, making it looks a hint pinker than EB Midnight Bloom.

I consider it equal to EB Midnight Bloom in pigmentation, perhaps a bit more matte. 
swatches & goosebumps: "spring, where are you?"
As you can see: the Burberry 22 Coral is pigmented, but doesn't alter the original hue of the lipstick too much. It only gives it a more pink/rosy and glowier appearance.

Top line (instead of bottom line) is that the lipgloss totally lives up to my expectation. I actually like the fraganced luxurity of it, the balmy feel, and the idea that it is pigmented on it's own but extra-dimensional on another lipstick. Also, that is a fab GWP,  the Collistar Scarletto lipstick...yum.

Now some sunny orangy rays and a warmer temperature to match the lipgloss

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