My beauty diary 2-step Winter Bright Pack

This pretty sheet-set ended up in my shopping-cart a while ago. I have been trying a My Beauty Diary 2-step pack before (here), and the words 'Winter Bright' got me in...
Moisture and hydratation has been highly needed this long-lasting winter. I made a photo beginning winter of my hairline for the Phylia [de M] hairgrowth project and a second one last week: Conclusion is that my hair grew and got somewhat restored, but my skin has a bit more redness. It's still quite good after enduring the longer winter-weather, but not as smooth/calm as pre-winter.

That means I have to up my mask-routine a bit more. Something that targets especially for winter could be up for some soothing & brightening.

Shortly, an overview of the Steps:

1: Just like the previous My Beauty Diary 2-step system, it has a sheetmask in one compartment; an Olive Leaf mask. The smaller compartment contains Shea Butter creamy gel.

2: Ingredients of the Olive Leaf Mask:

Ingredients of the Shea Butter Creamy Gel:

3. How to use: similar to other (MBD) sheetmasks. The cream should be applied afterwards.

4. Date of production for controlling freshness.

Swatch of Step 2: the Shea Butter Creamy Gel
It has a lighter, fresh consistency which reminds me of Japanese Toner/lotion formulas

Step 1, the Olive Leaf sheetmask, is of a similar shape as most of My Beauty Dairy sheetmasks so I haven't made a photo of that one.

  • The Olive Leaf Sheetmask is quite drenched with liquid, being a moisture-bomb skins often needs for colder winters
  • step 2: Shea Butter Creamy gel feels like a normal moisturizer instead of gel, but a thinner one.
  • this time I really like an extra cream afterwards for extra hydratation
  • Calming effect: redness around the nose reduced
  • Brightening? I think so: my skin looked more translucent, moisturized & calmer afterwards
  • lasting effect: until 3 days afterwards I had calmer, better skin with the same skincare regime
  • scent sheetmask: somewhat fragant of a enhanced olive flower (bit chemical, but still fresh)
  • scent Shea butter cream: neutral, fragance-free
I really like this mask and wanna repurchase 2 or 3 more.

I'm glad Sasa still has them for $ 1.70 per piece (here)

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