Using, Used, Gonna Use

I'm such a chatty blogger but I will keep this round of "using, used, gonna use" concise.

1. Using: Sofina Primavista Smooth Base Coat primer in Yellow:
I've talked about my Rudolph (red nose) syndrom yesterday. This primer doesn't just make pores appear much smaller, but the yellow cancels out most of the redness too.
I've bought it a while ago and revisited it recently...and my nose thanks me for it

2. UsedChristophe Robin Creme Lavante/ Cleansing Cream with Citron
I once got a GWP of this and I liked it enough to repurchase in large. Anyway, sometimes it happens that you like the sample but feel *meh* about the full-size: that happened (but I still emptied it because it's still good) It works as a no-poo sort of cleansing conditioner (see what the no-poo method is over here, trust me, nothing to do with the toilet). I started to get *meh* about the scent which reminded me of Cif cleansing lemon scent. And, I am not really a no-poo person: I love to shampoo my slightly-greasy roots with foamies...sorry for that.

3. Gonna Use: La Prairie Cellular Treatment powder Foundation
 I finished up my Poor Burberry and hope to be much gentler for this luxury babe...

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