Using, Used, Gonna use...

At the time posting this post it is actually more of Using...Used...Used, but let me continue:

Using: Lotree Luminious Moisture Tinted SPF30 PA++
This lotion functions as a moisture-adding and glow-enhancing step. Oilier skins or skins that are hydrated enough can use it as a moisturizer. At this time being, the temperature has risen and the extra SPF30 PA++ provides me protection.
When blending in with my Adesign foundation brush, it provides me a gorgeous glow with a tint of peach that has the correcting ability to brighten up a sallow complexion. Not something uncommon after this long winter period.

USED 1: Nude Pro-Genius Treatment oil (sample)
I liked this oil but not enough to purchase a larger sample. It smells slightly like macademia nut and has no essential oils or other fragance additives. That is perhaps the reason I will not purchase: Sometimes I prefer a facial oil to smell like an essential oil, e.g. Pukka Ayurveda Nourishing Face Oil smells like Rose Geranium, and an essential oil that speaks to you helps you to relax at nighttime when you are most likely to use a skin-oil.
I am still baffled that Nude skincare took out their brilliant and beloved Cellular Renewal Serum. According to Londonmakeupgirl they are reformulating it and will launch it on the market again, but why take the fantastic older version of the market?

Used 2: L'oreal Pro-Keratin Refill Mask
I have discussed it before over here and here. I am enthousiastic about it and feel it works in reconstructing my hair, but I am not really fond of the ozonic scent. I will repurchase it, ofcourse. 

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