Fave Summer Oils: Face, Hair & Body

I think oils are often limited to winter...

Such a waste because the best oils can be superb for the warmer summer period:
So I am going to discuss a couple of my fave summer oils!

FACE: Aesop Fabulous Face oil
half-way on the Aesop Fabulous!
Perhaps this one is a tad too heavy for the summer period. Some might like a lighter oil, something I will discuss soon.

For me the reason I picked up on a slightly heavier oil is the unsteady skin I had for a while: I gotten more eczematic, dry spots because of the change of weather and a weaker diet. Balming up with a heavy oil on the dry spots makes my skin look smoother in the morning.

I have been discussing the psychological effect of scent in various posts (eg here) and this one really agrees with me. Night-time oils should feel like a harmonizing and comforting blend, and perhaps not everyone's is into lavender so it's often still personal. Aesop Fabulous Face oil has Ylang Ylang as it main (scentual) proponent and I love the sensual and drowsy effect of this essential oil, which makes it easier to relax and drop off to sleep.

HAIR: Leonor Greyl Palm Oil

This oil has a weird consistency in that certain temperature between solid (hard) & liquid (melting) that I just have to show here below ----->:
When it is solid it is perfect for travelling on hand-luggage only (lots of European discount airlines) because it will not count as a part of the poor 100ml anti-vanity strategics the airports maintain these days.

I kind of like this oil for it's moisturizing properties too, and it's divine scent that I can detect as something Tiara-esque. However, for a better review I will guide you to Pink Sith, which connected her fantastical mind to a fairytale of hairness to it (here).

One warning: it does take a clarifying shampoo to take off the pre-oiled tresses and not ending up in a post-shampood-but-still-oily-mess! Which is slightly the downside to this oil: Sometimes I like a plain macademia/argan oil often just as much, but those perennial liquids count as a part of the 100 ml impecunious-ness the vain & often beautiful have to compromise on when travelling by handluggage only. So for that sake, and the perfect scented concoction, I take this beauty along.

BODY: Caudalie Huile Divine (divine oil)
I placed this multitasker under body because I still needed to fill this category.

Besides, body includes face & hair anyway, and this one does as well.

Defined as a grape oil,  It's also a dry oil and therefore penetrates quickly after applying.

It has a floral fragance with I'll define as tropical paradise (ofcouse, scentual preference is always subjective). However, it's quite heady so I personally would not plunge it on my face that fast due to my sensitive complexion.

Besides smelling & feeling divine (though not completely natural nor organic), it's quite friendly to the environment too:

I only have this sample (perfect for the hand-luggage vanities) but I will get a larger bottle soon.

That sums up my fave 3 summer oils for 2013 at this time being...

Always curious for more vanity adventures, I might add more until the end of summer is near and will blend into autumn...

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