Using, Used, Gonna Use...

I'm keeping up my "use it up" spirits in the [almost] 5th month of 2013. And even though I am totally au contraire anything that could hint towards "no buy" (I really have to, though): I've picked some investment tools instead:
* [almost] Used: Kiko Instant Perfection Primer:
This is one of the products that is not the most perfect or the most hyped about, and I still love it! Perhaps travel melancholia (buying it in sunny Mediterranean) and perhaps it is not too silicony and feels totally fresh and healthy on the skin.
I'll absolutely repurchase when I get to any of the Kiko selling countries.

*Using: Hakuhodo Brushes
I've jumped the beauty-bandwagon on buying the most popular brushes on the block. A modest haul to start with, mostly eyeliner based (the infamous K005 for tightlining), brow (K016) and that fluffy diffusing J5522BKsl
still "gonna use" over here, my Hakuhodo haul
I've based my collection on the extensive reviews of makeupartist Sweetmakeuptemptations (especially this post), Arsaromatica had a perfect post too, ofcourse TheNonBlonde and my regular read of DrivelaboutFrivol.

Ehm, there will be more brushes...[extends that "no buy" even further into the future]

Gonna Use:
Dior Diorskin Nude Tan in 001 Miel/Honey:
Something to fake the tan with...I picked the lightest shade for it's lack of orangy tones, and because I'm quite light-skinned anyway.

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