This Works *in transit* Camera Ready

 Disclaimer: finally one of my notoriously lengthy reviews again

 Lately I'd merely touched upon some products in my 'using, used, gonna use..."-category. I like reviewing products more in dept, but if I find out that every blogger has been doing that before, I feel 'meh' about bringing forward my own opinion.

But now: This Works In Transit "Camera Ready" hybrid product!
Mask, Moisturizer & primer in 1
I have a combination of a great enthousiasm and mild suspicion for hybrid products. It amazing to find something that can multitask. However, even if our feminine ability makes it easier to multitask better than our more testosterone-fulled other halfs, it doesn't always mean every task will be done with full precision.
So, the goal of this multitasker: BEAUTY! (what else for this blog)
(Actually, it would not be my only goal: I am about pampering, relaxation and other things as well, but hey, This Works has done a lovely way to tag on the cartbox)

But to return to the goals: easing signs of fatigue, boosting hydratations & prepping skin for photo perfect makeup...

haven't I heard this one before about 15 years ago???

In so many ways it is similar to Clarins Beauty Flash Balm...but I will return to that later.
I like the presence of Argina Spinosa and Borago Officinalis, or argan oil & borage oil that are high on the ingredient list (hence strongly dosed). The rest of the ingredients do not sound bad either, but I would loved Rosa Damescena to be higher on the ingredient list as it's an excellent beautifyer and smells delicious as well.

How to:
For adults only? that makes perfect sense but I once saw this document about child Pageans that worried me senseless. 
source: parentfail
I am deliberately not a mother (yet) for a variety of reasons but I totally question the sanity of parents who make their youngsters look like a Barbie doll on speed and let them compete. I could write whole articles about this phenonemon, but that would be better for University :). The HBO "living dolls" documentary is quite accurate if curious.

the blob
It takes really long to spread that blob into something that absorbs into the skin.

Tadah, photo-ready-pre-primed-perfect....(really?)

I have been testing it for a week so here it goes 
  • Texture: as seen above: a little bit can be used for a larger part of the skin
  • Scent: I found it somewhat Nivea-ish on a softer level
  • hybridity: it doesn't fully penetrate into the skin which is the perfect element for a good primer. However, by not fully absorbing does mean that the super-moisture element should be compensated by a real moisturizer. For a mask? I have better masks with more intensivity. I didn't find my skin to be better after wearing it for the whole week, so no.
  • feel: somewhat balmy and in a way a bit too heavy for summer.
  • price: I think €37.21 is quite expensive for 40 ml
  • packaging: Hard plastic in a hygienic pump. You cannot really measure out the dosages, though.
  • irritation-proof? My skin tolerates it in a mild manner.
Promise-worthy? -erasing fatigue?
  • yes, but only in compensation of the necessary makeup.  (I had a irregular week sleep/activity-wise so it was perfect to test this one for it)
           - Boosting Moisture?
  • Yes. My skin feels soft after a week. Sidenote that my body is in colloqual terms "not having it" by acting up (flares, etc), something that normally doesn't happen in summer (it's normally my happy-body-time). My face is relatively calm.
                          - Preps skin for Perfect Makeup
  • Somewhat, but leave out "perfect". I think there are better primers out there but in combination with the moisture/mask effect I feel it is nice.
I discussed the hybridity about hybrid products in the beginning, and I think it's best to refer to it as the title says: prepping for "Camera ready skin" (primer). There has been a reason I haven't rebought the classic Clarins Beauty Balm at that time being: too balmy, didn't really prime & it smelled too herbally. This one smells more neutral, but still it has same qualities that I wouldn't rebuy. Also, I couldn't say I gotten better skin after a week. I stared at the mirror and though: "darn, I need to get that terrible-but-effective Green Peel again" because my tiny acne-scars gotten visible again. 

To be found on lookfantastic and feelunique.

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