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My vocabulary of the title is not that sophisticated for today. I simply wanted to continue on one of the most basic but oh so necessary aspects of skincare: soothing. Mainly, you can aim to target ageing, blemishes, dryness or any of the other unperfectnesses skin can offer us, but if the skin is acting up a tantrum, the main step should be soothing.

I've talked about Tammy Fender Repair Cream in the previous post, so let's take a look at two other potions targeted for soothing:  Dr. Alkaitis Soothing gel (left) & Healgel Intensive (right):
 Of these two the Healgel is the most popular one, and has bettter availability. Dr. Alkaitis is the organic one and can be found in more specific shops online & offline.

This element of the non-organic (and non-natural) can be found in the ingredient list of the Healgel:
 Its prime ingredient is dimeticone which is a silicone-esque derivant. I do not want to give silicones a bad name, as some silicones can be intensely useful in makeup and skincare (Primers anyone?).  However, the extensive list has some nice natural components and some more unnatural components. Personally, I'm no expert but I questioned COSNA and they gave ingredients Phenoxyethanol, Linalool & Linalene the yellow light and Chlorhexidine Digluconate the red light.

That is my sidenote to it. The main concern is that it should work what it is targeted for: SOOTHING.

I think it gave a nice balmy, sort of lighter silicony feel on the skin. However, when I needed it to work really well (that peel) it was not effective enough.

So how about Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel?
list from spiritbeautylounge
 Ok, my unexpertise eye already notices some goody ingredients in it that counteracts redness and are soothing: Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Lavendel and Atlantic Kelp. The experts of that same COSNE site is even more confirming about soothing ingredients (here) and every ingredient gets the green light.

Dr. Alkaitis Gel has a brownish serum consistency that is absorbed in the skin quite fast. It smells slightly herbally. I do recommend an extra (soothing) cream over it to combat possible dehydation.

Ok, I do not want to make a speech about the benefits of organic skincare, so I cut to the case: IT WORKS...or, it's soothes. I didn't use this with the effects of my last peel, but it was really effective during a sunburn of last summer when I forgot to reaply the sunscreen.

Conclusion: For real skincare issues, I prefer the dr. Alkaitis Gel. The Healgel Intensive feels more like a normal skingel or sometimes I use it as a softer primer (because of the dimeticones).

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