Sampling Vapour Beauty: Atmosphere Luminous Foundation 130

The reason I ordered this: Stick foundation, or Foundation stick!
Vapour Beauty Sample set
Ok, to steer away from the phallic symbolism and Freud, it was curiosity too after reading Miss DrivellerKate blogging about it (here). It almost made the order the whole stick before sampling, but reason got over stick-mania and I ordered some samples.

I'm not the greatest (foundation-)stick fan! (you might thought otherwise but I wanted a sassy introduction...hehe). My last one was a Rimmel one in the prehistoric year of 2001! I worked in a cosmetic shop which fueled my cosmetic-addiction and gave me playtime when no customers were around. I think most women (& men) working in cosmetics love their face-crayons aplenty.

So that one, and I tested Tom Ford in London when I visited Selffridges. I kinda liked it (I almost hear DrivellerKate wispering "traitor" as I told her I'm not the most Tom Ford-cosmetics fan) but the amount of cash wasn't word the splurge that it would outdo my other foundation stash.

Anyway, I ordered a set of samples from their original website, as it was the only place to try out the  Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (or the more sophisticated name for the "stick" I've been muttering out again & again in this post, teehee)
Vapour sample set: full with tips, a discount,  pictures & application methods...

Overall, I ordered a Mesmerized eye-colour in Storm, Stratus Luminous Skin Perfector, a delightful nighttime oil: Essence restorative night treatment with the sample of the stick:

But I will do a mini-review of the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (Stick) today in colour 130:
not THE stick, but a part of it
I received the sample in the exact same container as when I ordered from (see review on concealer here)

Swatches: Unblended: 1st application -above: Tanned part of arm - below- original paleness of me:
It matches the top and it totally too dark for my real light skin. 

Swatches Blended:
Similar as before: when it matches the skintone (top) , it brings out a gorgeous & luminous glow. When too dark (bottom), it looks like a bit of oompaa loompa.

Swatch: blended-close-up
Similar as before, only close up.

(personal) VERDICT:
  • the colour turned out to be too dark for my face too. 120 would have been a better option
  • Formula: Thick. Personally, it felt too heavy on my sensitive skin.
  • Effort: I found it difficult to blend and it took me longer than normal. The stick was too thick for me 
  • Finish: I loved the glow and colour-luminescence, even if it was too dark for me (it looked natural after lots of blending in the neck, etc)
  • More suitable for dry and not-too-sensitive skins.
  • Scent: natural but still scented.

Blimey, I love the effect it had on my skin, natural and glowy! The feel on my skin was something I personally didn't like. Howcver, that has been the reason I stayed away from sticks for more than a decade so that's something personal and related to the type of skin I have.

You can order 5 samples from their whole range on their website (here)

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